Thursday, 27 June 2013

Workday job aids - learning and using Workday

In the Workday sales cycle, one of the things they often emphasize is how easy it is for the users:  HR, managers, etc.  Once you're in the implementation phase, however, you realize that you need some type of help documentation--the system is not standalone and usable without some background/training.  Workday does not mention on their 'main' webpage, but there is plenty of discussion about this topic on the Workday community--they're called 'job aids'.

Job aids are 1-2 page instructional documentation, to help a user to perform a task.  They are meant to provide just in time information to a user or manager who needs to perform a task.  According to examples presented on the Workday Community site, companies are handling these in various ways:  Word docs, pdfs, instruction on internal company portals, etc.

Examples of job aids would be:
  • Logging into Workday
  • Changing your Workday password
  • Create a position
  • Create a requisition
  • Separate an employee
  • Delegate a task
  • Hire an applicant
The interesting thing for me to see is how companies are approaching this topic.  Because WD changes three times a year, many people are trying to minimize the screenshots and just include the menu path.

For example, here is a piece of a sample from Community:

Notice this company is not using screenshots and minimizing the actual pictures/icons used.  Doing so makes upgrades easier, otherwise you'd be re-doing these docs three times per year potentially!

As a global organisation, our company is particularly interested in this topic of user training on Workday.  In particular, because we have very limited manager self-service capabilities in the current system.  We provide view only access currently.  In the post-Workday world, managers will be able to initiate transactions, such as pay increases, terminations, etc.

Where to find more info on this topic

IF you're a Workday customer, the Workday Community provides many job aids.  Search for 'job aid' in the search box and then select 'Shared solution' on the left under 'Filter by'.  There are at least 30 samples out there, probably 50+ if you search well.

IF you're not a Workday customer--there are still options and Google is your friend.  :)

Many customers post their materials and for whatever reason they are open to the world.  Type 'Workday job aids' into Google and you'll see what I mean.  Here are some examples of what I've found recently:

Cornell University transfer process
Activis goal setting
Tyco's hire documentation

Hope this has been helpful.  It seems that many companies are handling this training topic differently, so always great to hear what others are doing, so that we can all learn more and produce a better user experience.

Feel free to add any insight into the comments.  :)


  1. Very useful. There are also very good materials at USC Workday dedicated website to complete your list.

  2. AM - Thanks for the tip, always good to share and pool knowledge. :-)

  3. Good blog. Thanks for sharing. FYI, I tried accessing the following links but none worked for me.
    Cornell University transfer process
    Activis goal setting
    Tyco's hire documentation