Monday, 2 June 2014

Pleasantly suprised: Workday's social media response

I occasionally take a break and log into Twitter, to see what is happening in other HR System topics around the world.

Last week, Workday had tweeted about an upcoming online event:

Announcing our 1st tweet chat! Join us on 6/19 from 10-11am PT using . will discuss Big Data for Better Recruiting

It sounded really interesting, but once again, I wasn't impressed with the lack of global thinking, from Workday.  So I tweeted a polite response to the timing of it.  6 PM on the European mainland, 1 AM Hong Kong next day, it's not great if you are seeking to reach a global audience.  Although fair enough if your focus is the US market.

I wasn't expecting much of a response to be honest (in particular as I'm not tweeting under some big company name, but as an anonymous blogger), but was please to see that Workday's Social Media Director quickly responded to me, in under an hour.

Thx for feedback. We plan to make this a recurring series, so future chats could be at other global times.

We'll also record & post this tweet chat via for on-demand viewing & to keep the conversation going!

Even though I'm still not impressed that Workday seems so US focused (especially when they could slightly back it up to 8 AM and get into the European workday), I was pleased to get a response.  From a customer perspective, while I'm not happy with the timing I am happy with how they handled my comment.

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