Monday, 27 October 2014

Betfair rejects SAP, Oracle and Workday in favour of Fairsail for HR

Article here.

This one has been floating around the UK tech press the last few days, as Betfair is London based.  I must admit, I'm not much of a betting person so was not previously aware of Betfair, but I'm fascinated that a 1700 employee company in 15 countries would have been running SAP, just based on my limited knowledge of other big companies who use the SAP product.

Highlights include this part:

"In total 11 vendors were evaluated, these included a cloud HR solution from Workday, as well as Oracle, but MacDonald felt that these were also "too big for what Betfair needed".
This became more apparent when the company looked at offerings from smaller organisations, such as Fairsail, TribeHR, SumTotal Systems and Aragon-eRH."

Of course I had to go have a nose around Fairsail's website.  Key pieces:
  • It's a San Francisco based company.  I found that one interesting, as we're an 8 hour difference from SF here.  I'm curious as to their support model as US west coast can be a challenge for Londoners.
  • They use the term 'Glocal' to discuss their global vs. local functionality.  I like it!
  • Their user interface has a very clean look.  It has the PeopleSoft functionality of menus up the left side, but reminds me of Workday on the main pages.  It's funny how all HRMS are starting to look the same to me these days.  I guess they're all using usability experts and designing better interfaces from what we've seen 10-20 years ago.

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