Sunday, 22 March 2015

Interesting blog: Workday training

Spotted an interesting blog last week by Matthew Heminger.  I had taken some of his courses back when he was an instructor at PeopleSoft and I was a PeopleSoft consultant, he's a top notch instructor.  As Matthew approaches things from his many years as a trainer, it's definitely worth a read as I think he highlights some key points.

In some ways I feel that the rapid speed of SaaS implementation (not Workday in particular, but any SaaS) makes this topic timely; as you're moving at such a rapid clip there's even less time for knowledge transfer and training as implementation schedules are so condensed.

On a related note, one of the conversation threads I've been following for years on the Workday community site is about training strategies and longer term how to keep training materials up to date as Workday continues to evolve:  processes, pages and fields change, how to keep up?  It seems to be a topic that is interesting to many people...

Having started the HR training (version 16 or 17), taking a glance through the current 24 and future v 25 functionality, it's a struggle to stay up to date.

Further, from a European perspective, the issue is compounded by being multilingual, as I'm sure is the case in other regions of the world as well for many companies.  Our training documentation (HR+manager+employee) needs to be in a number of languages. 

As an unrelated sidenote, it's interesting how many youtube videos have cropped up showing Workday and offering training since the last time I gave that a google.  It's great to see so much knowledge and talent sharing out on the internet!

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  1. Thanks for your blog. I'm currently trying to create learning materials for a lab-wide Workday implementation, and I'm having the challenge you describe in your blog--Workday is a moving target that I can't nail down. My superiors want to create hard copies of many training guides, and at the minimum, PDF and Captivate simulations of the specific operations we will be doing a lot in Workday. I need tips on how to navigate what I see as a minefield. You mention in your blog that there are communication threads on the Workday Community that talk about Training, but I'm unable to find them. Can you tell me where these are? I'd appreciate as much feedback and as many suggestions as I can get on this topic.