Sunday, 6 May 2018

But I just want a basic report!

We are currently trundling through our rest of world (non US, Canada, Mexico) Workday implementation. We are in the second round of test loading data.

As a part of our data validation our Workday implementation partner is issuing reports to us from the test system. I am combining these reports with PeopleSoft reports in Access. Then our HR community is reviewing the data to ensure that it matches.

One of the items that we need to validate is 'HR Partner.' In PeopleSoft we have an HR partner assigned at the department level. We're bringing that over to Workday and assigning an HR partner to a supervisory org (along with other roles such as Absence partner).

I have a report from PeopleSoft, it includes two fields: Department ID and HR manager ID.

Trying to get the equivalent from Workday is like trying to get blood from a stone.

First our Workday implementation partner ran me a report that looked something like this:

Our Workday implementation partner seems to be staffed with consultants who have never worked in-house. Fair enough, a lot of consulting houses are like this, as they've never done operational support they have no concept of how things actually work once the software is turned on.

I know everyone likes to say how great Workday is, that you no longer need to know codes you can work off of description but try matching on names from two different systems. People get married, etc. it's just inefficient.

Also, how am I supposed to parse all of the gobbletygook in the box?

I clarified the request and asked specifically for 'Supervisory Org code' and 'HR Partner employee ID'. In return I received this response:

Due to the Worker, Sup Org, and security business objects in Workday, we’re limited from splitting out a single org’s assignments into multiple rows when an org has multiple assignments. We’re trying one last effort during India time tomorrow to see if we can get it to work, but it’s not looking promising.

I mentioned a while back when I took the reporting class, how Workday reporting is not intuitive, but these folks are experts, Workday certified consultants.

I'm not quite sure if the problem is consultant knowledge or the Workday system itself. If I ever get to the bottom of it I'll let you know. In the meantime we'll just go on a wing and a prayer than our HR Partner data is being converted successfully.


  1. It’s not an unusual request or that hard to do. Post your query in the community and see if Floyd Waterhouse responds...

  2. Hi there. Are you on Workday Community? I found a post which may help: