Sunday, 26 May 2013

How to learn Workday

It seems from the stats that a few people come here wanting to find out:  How can I learn Workday?  A few thoughts...

1. Join a consulting company - Here in the London area, Workday is a very hot skill.  Even if you do not have actual Workday experience, as long as you have some other ERP or SaaS experience, companies are willing to hire you on (especially consulting companies), on the premise that it's easy to train you on this new software, as long as you have some HRIS experience.

2. Take an entry level position in HRIS - As well, companies that have already implemented the software are looking for people to maintain it, in HRIS analyst roles.  If I was an entry level or junior person, I'd take one of those positions to build up some experience.

3. Take the training/get a look at the training manuals/get access to a test tenant/get access to the Workday Community - It can be difficult to get started in this area as you cannot get access to a test tenant or to the WD Community unless you are an implementation partner or a customer.  However, once you are, the Workday training provides a good foundation to get started.  As well if you are a self-starter, there is a lot of learn from the documentation, if you can get access to it.

4. Join LinkedIn groups - There are a variety of LinkedIn groups that discuss Workday functionality.  Join them all.  :)

5. Apply for positions at Workday itself - Having worked for PeopleSoft, I understand the Workday work environment is similarly quite good--sharp and dedicated people, a fun place to be.  I've heard what they might lack in compensation they make up for in intellectual stimulation and a pleasant work life balance.  Try here to apply.

6. Read blogs - There's not a lot out there (yet), but some good info is starting to emerge, if you search for it on Google, etc.

Other ideas?


  1. Thanks for the nice info. I also found Cornell univ has workday end user training

  2. Thanks Dittu. I put a few links here too:

  3. Do we have any option of creating developer account to learn workday?

  4. I am here in USA. Do the companies hire Workday HRM consultants that do NOT have certification? I have SAP and other technology ERP experience and would like to get trained in WD HRM. Are companies considering non-certified folks?

  5. Good article and easy to understand!