Monday, 22 October 2012

Implementing Workday: future roles?

My colleagues on the other side of the pond have been going through onsite Workday HCM training, from a Workday trainer. It’s causing a lot of interesting discussions, as to ‘future roles and responsibilities’. For example, in our past world, IT administered PeopleSoft security. Then, due to some internal reorganisations, it went to HR. Now the topic is coming up again, and the discussions start: Who should adminster security in Workday? Of course, from the initial look at the software, potentially either group could do the work. It seems that Workday is built on a strong foundation of flexibility and is therefore hesitant to recommend which group should do the work. Upon discussing with other companies who have implemented it, the consensus seems to be: IT should do the role setup and administration (so the pages/permissions), and then HR should do the user administration (so assigning people to those roles). It seems like it would be a nice split from a delegation of duties perspective as well. However, not sure why wd does not recommend this as a ‘best practice’?

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