Saturday, 6 October 2012

Workday HCM jobs

One of the things that excites me, as an HR Systems professional (for 13 years and counting), is the ability to learn a new software application. To figure out all of its limitations and discover its advantages, to empower HR. I’ve had the opportunity to learn various HR apps over the years, even though my bread and butter is PeopleSoft; so looking forward to learning Workday HCM as something new and interesting, as well to have the experience of working with an app ‘in the cloud’.
One of the most fascinating things about WD is how *hot* it is in the London (and I suspect global) market. Granted, I am out on LinkedIn and such, I enjoy networking with other HRIS people and get job calls regularly. However, in the past months, WD is the only app where I’ve ever been called, having no real experience in the product, such as this one from last week:

I’ve got a Workday configuration contract and they may consider people with other HCM if they have solid configuration skills. Role is based London, flexible on rate. Do you know anybody?

(As mentioned previously, I have a super job situation and have no inclination to jump right now. However, it’s nice to know that should I ever need a new role, WD is a good skill to have on the CV.)

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