Monday, 15 October 2012

Workday’s User Community site

One of the things that we saw a few times during the sales cycle was WD’s community site. It’s a sub-area of the WD website which is locked down by a user id/password. Once we signed a contract with them the wheels were put into motion to get us access.

Having used the PeopleSoft Customer Connection site for many years (including as a PSoft employee), it runs on a similar concept. WD puts a lot of energy/time into it, to make it a meeting site for customers, as well as to keep them informed of information from WD: training, updates, etc.

I’ve now had a good look around the site and am well-pleased by it. Assuming that the forums are as active as the old PSoft ones, it should be good fun and networking. Also, there are various ‘groups’ in the forum, including a Europe one, so already joined that one in the hopes of getting as much information as possible as to how Europe-based customers are configuring, implementing, etc. WD. In addition, will check out the Developer area of it, as the more I can get up to speed about WD, the better.


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